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    For 15 years our company is engaged in commercial and non-commercial facility technical maintenance.

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Buildings and facilities management and maintenance services for:

  • Multistorey residential buildings.
  • Hotels.
  • Office buildings.
  • Supermarkets and shops.
  • Public assemblies and institutions.
  • Private houses and apartments.

We provide:

Maintenance and repair:

Water plumbing and drainage system maintenance

  • Ensuring uninterrupted system operation
  • Inspection of the system (meter, valves, filters, sedimentation wells, pumps, insulation), the survey documents into and retention
  • System facilities cleaning, adjustment
  • Common-meter reading and the reading fixation
  • A separate decayed section and isolating valves’ replacement
  • System disaster recovery services
  • In the separate properties, existing devices (meters, taps, valves, faucet, flushing cisterns) inspection.

Heating system maintenance:
  • Ensuring the continued operation
  • The heating season start adjustment
  • System flushing and hydraulic testing
  • Equipment and water heating hydraulic testing
  • Venting
  • Heat chemical or mechanical cleaning
  • Shut-off valves, regulating equipment and filter inspection and cleaning
  • Pump and electric motor testing and adjustment
  • Direct operating controller check-up and adjustment
  • Electronic controller testing and preventive repair
  • Monitoring of control measuring device functioning
  • Control measuring device check-up
  • Monitoring of the functioning heatmeters
  • Equipment and piping insulation and painting imposition
  • System disaster recovery services
  • Replacement of faulty heating system isolating valves
  • Replacement of the the pipeline individual sections
  • Meter regular reading and fixation in the logbook
  • Normative temperature cycle maintenance for room heating and hot water supply.

Power supply system maintenance:
  • Ensuring uninterrupted system operation
  • Electricity distribution cupboard and system technical condition inspection, cleansing
  • El distribution system testing
  • Communal el metering reading
  • Common areas (lighting, sockets, valves, switches, machine, etc.) testing
  • Faulty common areas (lighting, sockets, valves, switches, machine, etc.) replacement

The building structural parts maintenance:
  • The inspection of common areas (windows, doors, ventilation port)
  • Buildings curbs, drainage system inspection and cleansing
  • Building wells engineering network inspection and cleansing
  • Rainwater gutter inspection, cleansing
  • Roof, foundation, attic, basement, stairwells, garbage cord structural part (walls, ceilings, floors, ceilings, waterproof, thermal insulation) inspection
  • Facades, balconies, loggias, shed inspection
  • Chimney ventilation shaft inspection and cleaning
  • Ventilation wire, wire mesh, small roof painting
  • Gas pipeline inspection, painting
  • Construction drawing regular repairs
  • Fire system maintenance, inspection, technical testing

Premises and building tied land plot maintenance:
  • Street and sidewalk cleaning
  • Entrance and track (asphalt) cleaning
  • Walkways (bottom) cleaning
  • Garbage cleaning area
  • Lawn-maintenance
  • Grass cutting
  • Scrub, tree care, trimming
  • Playground area cleaning
  • Bin emptying and maintenance
  • The common areas maintenance
  • Staircase sweeping
  • Stair cleaning
  • Stair wet cleaning
  • Communal corridor washing
  • Stair railing washing
  • Stairwells Ceiling cleansing
  • Stairwell wall-washing
  • Lift cabin-washing (home elevators)
  • Waste duct cleaning and disinfection
  • The common areas window cleaning
  • Basement cleansing
  • Attic cleansing

Our management service portfolio includes:

  • Finance accounting
  • Payment calculations
  • Repair estimation
  • Building asset accumulation
  • Financial and Accounting Records (in paper and electronic format)
  • Receipt preparation, printing
  • Of meter processing
  • Legislative change fixation, informative software application
  • Application processing (eg,matrarial and calculation preparation for the agreements)
  • Legal services
  • Agreements with service providers and suppliers
  • Agreements with apartment owners and tenants
  • Debt recovery (legal document preparation, representation in court, working with debtors, etc.)
  • Preparation of legal documents draft (complaints, claims, contracts, agreements, correspondence with state and local authorities protocols, etc.)
  • Representation of the business relationship (meeting with business partners, consulting on business contract conditions, contract performance monitoring, etc.)
  • Legal Document Retention
  • Voluntarily occupied housing inspection, drafting
  • Eviction and property export organization
  • Exempt apartment put into operation in the Riga City Council Municipal Services Department Housing Authority
  • Vacant, capital repairable and arbitrarily occupied housing tracking, report preparation for Housing Authority
  • Allotment apartments and key issuance
  • Record-keeping
  • Building record retention
  • Notifications preparation and issuance
  • Organizing of building general meetings and apartment owners survey
  • Acceptance of applications, recording, answering
  • Filing Records (in paper and electronic format).

Technical Service:

Engineering and maintenance services
Day and night despatch service, emergency assistance to a sudden dysfunction and emergencies e.g.:
  • water supply, heat supply systems
  • ventilation and air conditioning, fire protection system maintenance
  • power supply, low-voltage system maintenance
  • building and construction structural elements inspection and repair.

The area planting.

In collaboration with one of the largest nurseries in Latvian "E-Stadi" Ltd. we offer to our clients area planting and maintenance.